Best Vehicles for Folks in the Piedmont

Home to some of the best places to live in North Carolina, the Piedmont area comprises the middle of the state. From Charlotte to Winston-Salem and Chapel Hill to Raleigh, the Piedmont is nestled between the coast and the mountain region. The temperate winters, city accessibility, and beautiful small towns draw young professionals, active families, and retirees to the area. 

One thing is certain, if you live in the Piedmont region, you will be doing a lot of driving. The North Carolina Piedmont Plateau is made up of gently rolling hills with elevations of about 200 feet to up to 1,500 feet. Whether you plan to drive in the city, on the highway, or on country roads, a reliable vehicle is essential.


Having a car with good gas mileage is worth its weight in gold. The Ford Fusion Hybrid has good fuel economy, and it's enjoyable to drive. With its athletic handling, communicative steering, quiet cabin, and comfortable ride, the Fusion Hybrid should be at the top of your list for a midsize sedan. As with other hybrids, the Fusion's battery pack takes up some room in the truck, but you can still lower the rear seats and access usable storage space. With 42 mpg combined, a well-appointed cabin, and an easy-to-use infotainment system, the Ford Fusion Hybrid is a practical car with an upscale feel.


If you're looking for a compact truck that will handle the hills of the Piedmont with ease, check out the Toyota Tacoma. Known for building small trucks with superior off-road capability, Toyota's Tacoma is excellent for those with an active outdoor lifestyle. When the road turns to dirt, the suspension, tires, and traction take over to get the job done. The Tacoma has a relatively high towing capacity and can handle heavier payloads than its rivals. It's also refined enough for everyday use, with a comfortable cabin and many optional features.


The Honda Odyssey has been a long-time family favorite. The 2018 minivan comes with a host of family-friendly technology, a spacious cabin, and an accessible infotainment system. Whether you're bringing home a baby, taking the kids to practice, or helping out an aging family member, the Odyssey works well for all stages of family life. Honda's unique Magic Slide seats adjust laterally, backward, and forward to offer passenger flexibility. With a strong engine and a long list of advanced safety features, this van is perfect for transporting your family around town. It's even fuel efficient, returning 30 mpg on the highway.


If you're looking for a larger SUV for your family, the Chevrolet Tahoe offers a great combination of V8 power, a comfortable ride, and a feature-filled, high-end cabin. The 2018 Tahoe boasts numerous safety features, an intuitive infotainment system, an upscale interior, and an above-average fuel economy. With standard seating for eight people, the Tahoe can accommodate your passengers, and any sports equipment or luggage, you need to transport. You can easily tow a heavy trailer for trips to the beach or mountain too.

With the right vehicle, you'll be prepared for driving in all parts of the Piedmont area. If you are in the market for a new or used car, reach out to AAA Auto Buying to chat with one of our auto experts. We can help find the right vehicle at the right price to meet your needs. Call 1-866-710-6226 today for more information.