It’s a Jeep Thing

Jeeps have always been synonymous with rugged outdoor adventure. New owners quickly find themselves immersed in a culture that has a deep sense of loyalty to their vehicles. Jeep drivers wave to one another when they pass each other on the road, acknowledging their exclusive membership in the Jeep family. It's referred to as the "Jeep Wave," and if you own a Jeep you've likely joined the masses. Some Jeep owners get together at Jeep clubs all across the country and participate in all kinds of activities, including trail rides. Why all the fuss? There's just something cool about driving a Jeep.

Jeep's history dates back to World War II when they were used as military vehicles. Taking U.S. soldiers into unchartered territory gives the Jeep a uniqueness all other brands lack. It even earned a purple heart for surviving two different beach landings during the war. Shortly after WWII, the Jeep transitioned to civilian life and has been a mainstay in the automotive world ever since.

When it comes to the Jeep Wrangler, it is the perfect vehicle for outdoor lovers with more creature comforts than ever before. New for 2017, Wrangler fans can opt for LED headlamps, and a new Cold Weather Package to include heated seats and a remote engine start. All of the new models come with a V-6 engine, which gives it an extra degree of performance. The six-speed manual transmission is easy to shift and has enhanced acceleration. It's perfect for off-roading. The Rubicon model is the most rugged in the lineup. It's perfect for drivers who like a challenging terrain and it comes with some worthy upgrades. Special gears help it to churn through thick mud and sand, as well as an upgraded transfer case.  

All models also come with a versatile 4WD system. With more than 10 inches of ground clearance, the Wrangler helps you to crawl over all kinds of obstacles. Whether you're off-roading or tackling the snow, 4WD proves beneficial. Even the base model can handle rough terrain.

The Wrangler offers a standard two-door or four-door model. The four-door model is ideal for families since there is enough space for up to five people. Either way, you can't beat the way it transforms into a convertible. With removable doors and a vinyl or hard top, the Jeep Wrangler is a fun vehicle to drive.

The base model is a good option for budget-minded consumers and it comes standard with cruise control, fog lights, and an eight speaker sound system. Prices start around $24K, which is a fair price for a 4WD vehicle. You can upgrade to the Uconnect infotainment system which allows you to store music, utilize navigation, and access vital information.

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