Old Car, New Tricks: The VW Bus

Premiering at the North American Auto Show, the famous VW bus is back with a brand new design. The all-new retro-styled, electric, self-driving van is known as the I.D. Buzz, named for the hum of the bus's motors.

The I.D. Buzz seems to be more functional than its predecessors, with great tech, seats that are easily rearranged for different configurations, and a rear bed that converts to a bench. Volkswagon designed this model to max out at 99 mph, the top speed limit for electric vehicles. The driving range is also projected to be 270 miles with quick charging options to refill 80% of the battery's charge in a half hour. 

Volkswagon expects the I.D. Buzz to be fully autonomous in the near future. By pressing the VW logo on the steering wheel, it retracts and disappears into the cockpit so the driver can relax. When fully automated, laser scanners, sensors and cameras monitor the road and other drivers.

The concept also comes with a display to project information on the windsheild and the center console can be removed and used as a tablet outside the vehicle. The I.D., or vehicle's artificial intelligence, can tell who the driver is and change the settings accordingly. The exterior desgin is more sleek, with slender lights instead of classic oval ones, integrated bumpers and cameras instead of sideview mirrors. This is exciting for fans of the beloved classic, but many are skeptical it will ever make it into production because there have been similar concepts before that have failed.

You will have to stay tuned to see if the redesgined retro bus will head to production. In the meantime, if you are shopping for a new or pre-owned car, let AAA's Auto Buying Service do the work for you. We can find any vehicle make and model and we'll pass the manufacturer's savings on to you. Buying has never been easier. Reach out to our experienced sales team at 1-866-710-6226 and we will help you get started with your search.