The New World Champ: VW Topples Toyota

According to Bloomberg, the German automaker, Volkswagen, has earned the top spot in global vehicle sales for 2016, beating out Toyota. After five consecutive years, Toyota relinquished it's crown to Volkswagen based on Volkswagen's record-selling 10.3 million cars. The win is a result of Volkswagen's market in China, and the popularity of its widespread brand portfolio.

It seems Toyota has had problems in China for years and has even run out of steam in the U.S. with decreasing SUV sales. Despite the emissions scandal of 2015, the Volkswagen brand is steady in China, and they are using the issue as an engine of growth. The German car-maker admitted to installing emissions-cheating software on 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide as reported by Bloomberg. China was unaffected by the scandal because there are virtually no diesel sales there. Overall, deliveries to China rose 12% in 2016.

Volkswagen did see a decline in sales in the U.S. and Russia in the mass market, but the demand in China and Western Europe outweighed the downturn. Also, luxury vehicles like Audi and Porsche have offset US Volkswagen sales. To reposition itself in the U.S., Volkswagen is offering incentives to buyers. The largest U.S. automaker, General Motors, is third in global sales rankings, down 1.2% from last year. GM used to be on top until Toyota surpassed it in 2008. Now, with Volkswagen in the top spot, will Toyota be able to get ahead again? As it appears now, Volkswagen will continue to beat out Toyota with sales in the Chinese market according to Bloomberg. 

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