new tires on car

What to Know When Replacing Tires on AWD and FWD Vehicles

The condition of your tires is paramount when it comes to safety on the road, but no matter how carefully you drive, your tires still will wear over time. In order to maintain them, they might need to to be rotated, inflated, or replaced during routine inspections. The maintenance required can be affected by whether […]

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hydroplaning tire

What Position Should New Tires Be In When Only Replacing Two?

In an ideal world, the four tires on your vehicle would always be the same size, design, and tread depth at every wheel position. If your tires have worn unevenly or you acquired your vehicle with a mismatched set though, you may find yourself needing to replace less than the full set. This is typically […]

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Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Rolling

It’s officially Car Care Month at AAA. We’ve made it through the chilly, wet winter and are ready to get out and drive this spring. AAA Car Care’s expert technicians are here to help get your vehicle ready for rising temperatures, road trips, and the inevitable increase in traffic. Take note of these six spring […]

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Engine Air Filter

How a Dirty Engine Air Filter Can Decrease Performance

There are two types of air filters in a vehicle. The cabin air filter ensures the air you are breathing is clean, and the engine air filter does the same for the engine and its components. While the former might be more noticeable to you, the latter is essential to your vehicle’s health. What does […]

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Car Air Conditioning Check

Getting the Most Out of your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning

When the temperature rises, very few things are as comforting as the blast of cold air in your face after punching the MAX A/C button in your car or truck. It’s a little slice of heaven in a sea of heat, but hitting that perfect temperature isn’t a given, so be sure your air conditioning […]

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dashboard warning lights

Dashboard Warning Lights and What They Mean 

We’ve all experienced the dread that comes with having a dashboard warning light suddenly appear. Do I drive home or straight to the shop? Should I pull over immediately? Is this going to cost me a fortune? These are all understandable concerns, and the answer is that it depends on which warning you see. Not […]

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Vehicle Getting a Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment – Small Changes Make a Huge Difference

Oil changes get all the glory when it comes to preventative maintenance, but a simple wheel alignment can have significant impact on the comfort and safety of your daily drive. Benefits of Wheel Alignment What Causes the Issue? A vehicle’s wheels are attached to the suspension system, and the two must be aligned precisely for […]

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Car getting brake pad replacement

How to Know When It’s Time for New Brake Pads

Knowing the condition of your brakes – and when it’s time for a brake pad replacement – is essential for every driver. Is It Time for New Brake Pads? How Brakes Work One of the first things most people learn about driving is, “brake is on the left; gas is on the right.” Unfortunately, that’s […]

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