5 Tips for Keeping Your Car Cool for Summer

The heat of the summer can make your car feel like an oven, turning your otherwise pleasant driving experience into an uncomfortable ride. On a hot day, the temperature inside your vehicle can reach over 150 degrees. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep your car cool this summer. 

1. Park in the shade or use covered parking. Finding a shady spot for your vehicle might be difficult in a large parking lot but look for trees that shade spots or behind buildings that block the sun. Even if it means parking further away, you will be happier upon your return to a cooler car.

2. Use a sunshade. Invest in a sunshade or window visor for you front windshield. Put it up every time you plan to leave your vehicle for a long period of time. You can also buy one for your rear window, too.

3. Cover your seat and steering wheel. The inside of your car can heat up quickly and your seat and steering wheel can lock in the heat, making contact uncomfortable. You can use a small blanket or towel to cover these areas along with your sunshade for additional protection.

4. Keep windows cracked. You don't want to leave your windows completely down for obvious reasons, but if you keep them slightly cracked, this promotes ventilation. Test to make sure you can't fit your hand through to unlock your vehicle. 

5. Open doors before getting in. When you arrive at your hot car, take a few minutes to open the doors and let out the trapped heat. You can turn on the air conditioning while you wait outside for your car to cool off. 

The summer heat can be brutal on your vehicles A/C and battery, stop by any AAA Car Care Center for a FREE Multi-Point Inspection.  The Multi-Point Inspection includes checking the following: wiper blades, tires, brakes, lights, belts/hoses, fluids, filters, battery/charging system, hubs/bearings, steering/suspension, and exhaust.  We also top off your washer fluid and engine coolant.  

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