Common Reasons Your Car Might Fail the NC State Inspection

Vehicle emissions inspections and safety inspections are required for most North Carolina counties upon registration renewal. The emissions inspection, or smog check, is a computerized test that can determine the vehicle's smog and emissions output, and how its equipment functions. The safety inspection determines the safety of various vehicle components such as tires, lights, and others. Drivers must complete both inspections within 90 days before their registration expires. Here are some common reasons your car might fail North Carolina inspections and how AAA Car Care can help.

Problem: MIL indicator or Check Engine Light is illuminated during emissions test

Solution: If the MIL indicator or Check Engine Light is ON or flashing, it signifies that immediate service is needed to prevent damage to the catalytic converter (which results in higher emissions). Prior to inspection, bring your car to AAA Car Care Center if the light is ON. We will diagnose and repair the problem accurately. Routine maintenance can prevent this problem in the future.

Problem: Tires failed safety inspection due to minimum tread depth

Solution: Rotating your tires as recommended can prevent uneven wear. If tires need to be replaced due to tread depth, bring your vehicle to AAA Car Care Center and we can help you choose the right tires for your car. You can also place an order at our Online Tire Store and it will ship for free to your nearest AAA Car Care Center

Problem: Rear headlight is out and failed safety inspection

Solution: All lights must be working properly to pass the safety inspection. You can visit Napa Auto Parts for a replacement bulb or bring your vehicle in to AAA Car Care Center to fix the problem.

Problem: Window tinting is too dark and failed the safety inspection

Solution: Visibility through all windows is extremely important. If your window tint is too dark, it is unsafe for you and other drivers on the road. Remove the tint carefully and clean off the windows. 

Don't wait to fix potential problems. Prior to registraton renewal, bring your car in to AAA Car Care Center for maintenance. In addition, make sure your Auto Insurance is up to date by reviewing your policy with your AAA Insurance Agent. If you fail your inspection and require repairs, we're here to help.

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