Driving Through the Storm

It's always a good idea to check out the weather before you hit the road, but sometimes your hectic schedule prevents you from doing so, or a storm unexpectedly hits when you're driving. Even for the most experienced drivers, a storm can be intimidating. Should you pull over and wait it out or continue to push through it? If you do decide to pull over, where is it safe? At AAA Carolinas, we care about your safety and have several tips to help you weather the storm.

  1. Routine vehicle maintenance is critical. Before you drive in any weather, your vehicle should be in top notch condition. Safe tire tread, good brakes, and working lights are always necessary, but especially, in wet, snowy, and icy conditions. Have your vehicle inspected at your local AAA Car Care Center and check out these additional tips on tire tread in the rainy season and the safest cars for wet conditions.  
  2. Prep your vehicle before you get on the road. Fill your gas tank, clean your windows, and check your tires before your trip. If your tires need to be replaced, visit the AAA Online Tire Store to save money on your purchase. Store an emergency kit in your car to include first aid items, extra water, snacks, a flashlight, and a blanket. It is also a good idea to tell someone about your route and when you expect to arrive. 
  3. Stay informed about the local weather. Keep the radio on and listen for changing weather conditions. Heed all warnings, even if you are on a time crunch. No appointment or visit is worth risking your safety. 
  4. Find a safe place to pull over if torrential rains or other conditions impede your vision. Avoid using your cell phone or other distractions in a storm. If you were using cruise control, turn it off and begin to reduce your speed. If you can safely exit the highway, pull off the road and wait out the downpour. If you need to stop, move to a safe spot, stay in your vehicle, and turn on your emergency flashers so others can see you. If damage to your windshield occurs, Safelite repair can help. 
  5. Don't ever try to drive through standing water. Not only can you stall your engine or cause irreparable damage, but your car can also be swept off the road in as little as twelve inches of water. Downed electrical lines could also put you in danger. Remember – TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!

Severe weather can put you and your vehicle at risk. Plan ahead for travel by checking the weather forecast for your entire route. If, at any time, you feel the weather is impacting your ability to drive safely, pull over to a secure spot, and wait it out. If you have an accident while driving, or you want to review your coverage, reach out to your trusted AAA Insurance Agent for assistance. Our AAA Car Care Center offers everything from batteries and wiper blade replacements to headlight restoration services so your automobile can help protect you from the elements and potential accidents. 

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