How Freezing Temperatures Affect Your Vehicle

When temperatures drop below freezing, be aware that certain features of your vehicle may be affected such as your battery, tires and windshield wiper fluid.

  • In the event your battery fails, contact the AAA Mobile Battery Service that offers AAA Members the advantage of having on the spot battery testing and install. Whether you are at home or the office, we will come to you.*
  • If the Low Tire Pressure light appears on your dashboard, use a tire pressure gauge to check the tire pressure of your vehicle. All vehicles have standard tire pressure levels typically located in the owners’ manual or the inside of the driver-side door. If your tire pressure is below the standard level, drive your car to the nearest gas station to fill your tires to the correct level.
  • If your windshield wiper fluid has frozen, it must be thawed out before using the system again. Once you are able to thaw the fluid, it is recommended that you drain the current fluid and replace with a higher quality windshield wiper fluid formulated for winter weather so it does not freeze again.

If you know that freezing temperatures may be expected in your area in advance, be sure to prepare your car in advance with our cooler weather Car Care checklist. If your vehicle is experiencing issues, or if you would like one of our certified technicians to ensure your car is prepared for the weather, visit one of our AAA Car Care locations today.


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* In select locations in the Carolinas. Available on most vehicles. Call 1-800-AAA-HELP to see if AAA Mobile Battery service is available in your area.

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