How Hot Weather Affects Your Battery

Have you considered how the heat during summer months can affect your battery? It is important to understand the impact that extreme temperatures may have on your vehicle, and how to best prepare as you begin your summer travels.

  1. Have your battery tested before hot weather hits. At Recognize that your location will affect the life of your battery. Living in areas prone to extreme temperatures can cause your battery to decrease in performance over time. In the Carolinas, the average lifespan of a battery in the Carolinas is 3.75 years.
  2. Understand that extreme weather can cause problems with your battery. Since your battery is affected by hot temperatures, you should check it every season, but especially in these hot summer temperatures. Excessive heat is hard on your battery. When it's too hot, battery fluid will evaporate and can permanently damage the internal structure of the battery. Store your car in the garage if possible to protect the battery from extreme weather. 
  3. Make sure your AAA Membership is up-to-date. In the event your battery dies, AAA Mobile Battery service will bring you a new one on the side of the road.* Just keep your membership card handy and call Emergency Roadside Service for assistance. Your membership will afford you lots of perks and discounts as well.


Mobile Battery Service


* In select locations in the Carolinas. Available on most vehicles. Call 1-800-AAA-HELP to see if AAA Mobile Battery service is available in your area.


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