It’s HOT Out There: Protect Your Car’s Interior

Much like your skin, your car is susceptible to sun damage.The sun’s harmful UV rays can damage the exterior paint and bleach the interior seating, dash and center console. The interior of your car can get blistering hot during the summer;  temperatures can rise well above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is it uncomfortable, it is unsafe. How can you prevent long-term sun damage to the inside when it is hot outside?


The first step is to park in the shade or covered parking when possible. This will prevent direct sunlight from hitting inside. If this is not an option, use an AAA Insurance Sun Shield in your front and rear windows. This will also lower the interior temperature of the car. Before you get into an overheated vehicle, open the windows and doors and let it air out first. 


Seat covers are another option to protect your upholstery. You can have these custom-made to suit your needs and replace them as needed. You will maintain your car’s value if your seats are in good condition. If you have leather seats, invest in a good leather conditioner that will keep them soft and supple and so sunlight will not dry out the oils.


Keep all surfaces clean and dust-free. The sunlight will bake the dirt into the surface making it difficult to remove if not cleaned regularly. Use a soft microfiber cloth and recommended car care products to maintain the interior glow.

From the inside out, AAA wants to help you keep your car in the best shape. As a AAA member,  you get a discount at NAPA Auto Parts for products to keep your car safe from the sun. In the dog days of summer, a little TLC goes a long way so don’t neglect your vehicle.


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