dashboard warning lights

Dashboard Warning Lights and What They Mean 

We’ve all experienced the dread that comes with having a dashboard warning light suddenly appear. Do I drive home or straight to the shop? Should I pull over immediately? Is this going to cost me a fortune? These are all understandable concerns, and the answer is that it depends on which warning you see. Not […]

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Vehicle Getting a Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment – Small Changes Make a Huge Difference

Oil changes get all the glory when it comes to preventative maintenance, but a simple wheel alignment can have significant impact on the comfort and safety of your daily drive. Benefits of Wheel Alignment What Causes the Issue? A vehicle’s wheels are attached to the suspension system, and the two must be aligned precisely for […]

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Car getting brake pad replacement

How to Know When It’s Time for New Brake Pads

Knowing the condition of your brakes – and when it’s time for a brake pad replacement – is essential for every driver. Is It Time for New Brake Pads? How Brakes Work One of the first things most people learn about driving is, “brake is on the left; gas is on the right.” Unfortunately, that’s […]

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Cold Weather Wreaking Havoc on Car Batteries

Though February weather is unpredictable, it is a guarantee that we will get some mornings with frigid temperatures. When you wake up to those mornings, one of the biggest concerns is your car battery. At a comparatively mild 32 degrees, a car’s battery is 35 percent weaker than at warmer temperatures. At zero degrees, a […]

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Check Your Battery

Check Your Battery Before Cold Weather Drains It

AAA Carolinas emergency roadside calls due to dead batteries increase significantly in cold weather. As the temperature drops, so does your car battery’s strength. To avoid having to call for help, get your battery tested before it gets cold. AAA Car Care offers free battery and charging system checks which will ensure the battery and […]

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Prepare your Vehicle for Cooler Weather: Car Care Checklist

As the days get shorter and the mornings get colder, you will need to prep yourself and your home for the impending winter weather. It is important to make the necessary preparations to ensure you travel safely this winter season.    As the weather changes, AAA recommends a seasonal check up to help keep your […]

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Cold Weather Car Hazards

In addition to ice and snow, driving in the winter months can be hazardous in other ways. When it comes to potential cold weather car problems, it’s important to be careful, both at home and on the road. From visibility issues and battery failure to wildlife crossings and animals seeking shelter under the hood of […]

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How Freezing Temperatures Affect Your Vehicle

When temperatures drop below freezing, be aware that certain features of your vehicle may be affected such as your battery, tires and windshield wiper fluid. In the event your battery fails, contact the AAA Mobile Battery Service that offers AAA Members the advantage of having on the spot battery testing and install. Whether you are […]

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