Preservation During Precipitation: Vehicle Maintenance for Rainy Weather

Springtime can be rainy, and drivers should plan to be extra cautious when there is precipitation. When it comes to vehicle maintenance for wet weather, don't take any shortcuts. You need to pay specific attention to your windshield wipers and fluid, tire tread and pressure, battery, air cabin filter, and any possible leaks in your sunroof. Seasonal maintenance with AAA Car Care can prevent a host of potential weather-related problems that will save you time and money.

Most drivers only change their wiper blades when they need to pass inspection. Some even like to tough it out until the rubber blade starts to crumble and fall off. Your safety depends on well-functioning wiper blades, which is why it’s so important to change them at least once a year. In some cases, it’s necessary to change your wipers more often than once a year, especially if you live in a rainy area. If you notice squeaking, streaking, skipping, or tears in your wiper blades, we recommend replacing them as soon as you can. Also, be sure your washer fluid is topped off in order to keep your windows clean.

It is always important to pay attention to how your tires are wearing, but it is imperative in rainy weather. Your tires provide traction between your vehicle and the road and must be in optimal condition for your safety. When the tread starts to wear, your tire can no longer safely channel water on wet roads. Bald tires can cause your car to hydroplane, rendering your vehicle unresponsive to the steering wheel. You should have your tires inspected seasonally for tread and pressure at your next visit to a AAA Car Care Center.

A visual inspection in between seasons can save you from a dead battery. Examine the outside of the battery, looking for cracks and fluid leaks, and check the connections for corrosion. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, bring your car to your local AAA Car Care Center for inspection. It is always a good idea to have your battery checked by a trusted AAA technician when the seasons change.

Your cabin air filter is designed to prevent harmful debris like dust, dirt, and pollen from entering your car from your A/C and heating vents. During the rainy season, your filter can get clogged, causing weak air flow or unfiltered air to get in. At least once a year, have your filters changed during your visit to a AAA Car Care Center. It will keep the air you breathe inside the cabin clean and flowing freely. 

If you notice a leak in your sunroof, or you accidentally leave the windows open in the rain, be sure to dry out your car properly and tend to any issues right away. If left untreated, water will cause damage to the interior of your vehicle. If the damage is extensive, bring your car into your local AAA Car Care Center for further assistance and recommendations. 

Preserve your vehicle from precipitation by getting it checked out before problems arise. Stop into your local AAA Car Care Center for an inspection and enjoy complimentary coffee with free Wi-Fi as you wait. Our expert technicians will make sure your car is in optimal condition before you head out into rainy conditions. 


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