Pro Tips for Traveling with your Pet

Getting ready for a road trip and bringing your four-legged friend? Whether you're bringing your pet on vacation to some of the top dog-friendly cities in the U.S., or you're just heading to Grandma's, make sure you're prepared to travel safely with your companion. Here are some suggestions for keeping your pet safe, as well as tips that will help keep their tail wagging and you smiling. 


Travel crates – Choose a durable, safety-certified option from a reputable manufacturer. Make sure the design allows for good air circulation. Include a pet bed from Designer Living so your furry friend can travel in comfort and style. AAA members get free shipping on any order of $75 or more. 


Pet barriers – Safely confine your pet to the backseat or cargo area of your SUV or minivan. Keep dangerous items out of their reach. Check on them regularly to ensure their comfort. 


Pet harness – Give your pet their own personal seatbelt. Opt for one that allows them to move comfortably but restrains in the event of an accident. Treat them like a member of the family. 


Mats & liners – Protect your car’s carpet and upholstery from dirt, spills, and accidents. Place a mat or liner beneath the crate and pet bed. Clean the base layer as needed throughout the trip.


Ramp – Protect your pet (and your aching back) by allowing them to enter the car via a portable loading ramp. If you have a large dog, this is especially necessary. Most ramps are easy to store and use.



Reduce travel anxiety by keeping your pet comfortable. If they feel safe, they're less likely to get upset when traveling. Check out some of these tips on what to do with your pet on moving day. There are some good suggestions for safety that also work well with travel. 


Keep them in the back seat. If your airbag deploys and your pet is sitting up front, they could be severely injured. Never let your dog ride in your lap or in the bed of a pickup truck. The back seat or cargo area is the safest place for them.


Bring water & food. A collapsible bowl is also helpful. Use your AAA discount for Nom Nom Now to get 30% off your first month of homemade entrees for your dog. These perfectly proportioned meals are ideal for travel. 


Stop frequently. Give your pet ample opportunities to use the bathroom and walk around. A good stretch will help keep them comfortable during the long ride. Be sure to use a leash at all times. 


Turn on the child lock for power windows and doors. You never know what little paws might do. Bring along a few toys from to keep your pet busy and out of trouble. AAA members receive free shipping on orders over $49. 


Don’t allow your animal to ride with their head out the window. They could be injured by debris. Veterinary care can be costly. Treat your pet like a member of your family, and be sure to get insurance from PetsBest. AAA Carolinas members can save up to 10% on pet insurance. 


Bring along necessary medications. Check out PetCare Rx for discounts on your dog's prescription needs before you travel. Store a first aid kit in the car to include medications, extra water, and blankets. If your pet shows signs of illness, call your vet for further instructions.

Fetch a copy of the AAA PetBook for additional tips on traveling with your pet. If you need help planning your pet-friendly road trip, check out AAA Travel or stop into a local AAA travel branch for assistance. Be sure your insurance is up to date before you begin your journey. Review your options with our expert AAA Insurance agents. AAA Carolinas can help ensure your vehicle is ready for your upcoming road trip with your furry friend. Come in for a pre-road trip inspection at your local AAA Car Care Center.


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