Spring Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Rolling

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

It’s officially Car Care Month at AAA. We’ve made it through the chilly, wet winter and are ready to get out and drive this spring. AAA Car Care’s expert technicians are here to help get your vehicle ready for rising temperatures, road trips, and the inevitable increase in traffic. Take note of these six spring maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle is prepared for the seasonal driving shift.

Six Spring Preventative Maintenance Tips

Top Off or Change Vehicle Fluids
Fluids play a major role in keeping your vehicle running well. They transfer heat, lubricate parts, and act as a cleansing agent. Each has a different recommended frequency at which they should be changed, so consult your manual or talk to a AAA Car Care service consultant to stay on top of your fluid maintenance.
Get Your Battery Tested
Winter is rough on batteries, draining power more quickly than usual. With the temperature rising, now is the time to get your battery checked to ensure you’re starting the season off right. Stop by a AAA Car Care center for a free inspection and, if needed, a new battery.
Check Your Air Conditioning
You’ll definitely want your A/C in peak condition when the temperatures start to rise. Comfort in the cabin isn’t just a luxury. Make sure the cabin air filters are clean and working properly and your air conditioning is ready to keep you cool under pressure.
Replace Your Wiper Blades
We’ve had no shortage of rain already this year, which means your wiper blades have likely been getting a workout. On average they should be changed every six months or whenever you begin to notice streaking, skipping, bending, or wearing and tearing. Fully-functional wiper blades are essential for safe driving so be sure to check yours.
Inspect Your Tire Tread
With more vehicles hitting the road in warmer months, there is very little margin for error. Ensuring your tires have enough tread will give you maximum control over your vehicle and help prevent hydroplaning. If it’s time for new tires, AAA Car Care offers a wide range of brands, makes, and sizes.
Check Your Air Filter
The engine air filter prevents dust, dirt and other harmful debris from entering the engine compartment, which it does less effectively as it gets older. Replacing your filter can help protect your engine components from wear, improve your acceleration, and potentially increase your fuel efficiency.
Stop by a AAA Car Care center or reserve your appointment today for any of the above services or any car maintenance or repair need.
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