What’s Included in a Multi-Point Inspection?

Are you looking to buy a new or used car? Our Auto Buying team can assist you with the purchase of your next vehicle. We buy out of dealer stock or order factory direct, and will do an extensive search to find you the best vehicle at the best available price. Before our Auto Buying Team will buy any pre-owned car to sell to our members, a Multi-Point Inspection is done to ensure it is a quality vehicle. Below you will find what is included in the Multi-Point Inspection. 

Body and Wheel Damage Inspection

  • Tires are checked for tread depth, wear, and damage
  • Brake lining and rotor specs are assessed

Diagnostics and Lights Inspection

  • Parking lights, head lights, fog lights, brake lights, turn signals, backup lights, and interior lights are checked 
  • Check engine, TPMS, ABS, traction control, horn test, parking brake, and wiper blades are looked at

Hoses/Fluids/Filters Inspection

  • Belts and hoses are inspected
  • Engine and cabin air filters are inspected
  • The ignition system, air conditioning components, gas cap, and engine coolant reservoir are assessed
  • Brake, transmission, and power steering fluids are all inspected

Our trained technicians will investigate all systems including the brakes, engine, hydraulics, exhaust, transmission, suspension, and driveline components. They will check for leaks, test the battery, and top off fluids. The technician will also cite any specific concerns about the vehicle before it is purchased. 

After you purchase your new vehicle from AAA's Auto Buying Service, schedule a seasonal check-up with your local AAA Car Care Center and rest easily knowing you're in good hands. Preventative maintenance is important when it comes to keeping your car in good shape. Each of our locations has an ASE certified master technician who will supervise and assist with a full range of repairs. Our member benefits extend well beyond buying and car care. We also offer discounts on insurance, travel, and other services.

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