identity theft

HOW TO: Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft can affect you in more ways than just financially.  Today, identity theft can occur by way of government, the Internet, and financial fraud.  Tax scams, hijacked social media accounts, and financial breaches can be detrimental to your life.  Always use safe and secure practices when it comes to your personal data. Government fraud is […]

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foreign cash

Foreign Cash Tips

Even seasoned travelers can’t anticipate every financial need. We encourage you to pack a combination of financial products for your trip abroad, including foreign currency and credit, debit, and ATM cards. It is recommended that you carry at least two of these means of payment and have small denominations of foreign cash on hand to […]

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savings accounts

Savings Accounts: Not Just for Your Parents Anymore

Try this analogy on for size: A well-balanced diet and exercise are to physical health as savings accounts are to your financial health. In other words, if you want to have a healthy financial future, it’s even easier than loading up on fruits and veggies and going to the gym. Just open a savings account. […]

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joint checking account

Joint Checking Account: To Share or Not to Share – That is the Question

If you’ve got a wedding on the horizon, you’re likely focused on the excitement of planning everything from the flowers to the food. But brides and grooms-to-be also need to make financial plans, and that involves a discussion about whether or not to have a joint checking account. No two couples are alike, so there’s […]

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Pay Off Car Early

Does It Make Sense To Pay Off Car Early?

When it's time to file your taxes, and you're expecting a refund, the sooner, the better. In fact, you've probably already thought about the many things to do with this new-found money. Is it better to save it or spend it on bills? If you do decide to spend it on bills, which ones should you […]

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get your budget in order

Get Your Budget in Order for the New Year

Every year, one of the top New Year's resolutions for Americans is to get their budget in order. With our busy lives, it's easy for another year to go by without charting your spending, saving for retirement, and setting financial goals. Make this the year you stick to your resolution and get started with these […]

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