Don’t Burn Down the House: Thanksgiving Cooking Safety

Thanksgiving evokes thoughts of family, friends and yummy food for most of us. With all the food prep and extra people in your home, cooking can be a real fire risk. You can avoid a house fire by following these safety tips.

  • Never leave food broiling in the oven or frying on the stove unattended. The same applies to grilling.
  • Keep all flammable objects like potholders and plastic grocery bags at least three feet from your stove. Make sure your kitchen has a properly working fire extinguisher.
  • Always set a timer when cooking on the stove or in the oven. It’s easy to forget with so many things going on during the holidays.  
  • Dress smart when cooking. Loose clothing can be a fire hazard —  especially sleeves and hanging jewelry.  
  • If you use a deep fryer, use it outside and keep the fryer away from exterior walls and wet areas. Also, always make sure your meat is completely thawed and patted dry before immersing in hot oil. 
  • Don’t use glass casserole dishes on your stovetop. Also, keep glass lids off the stovetop — they can explode.  
  • Make the kitchen a “kid-free” zone while cooking.
  • Always keep the handles on your stovetop items turned in. They can quickly catch on someone’s sleeve as they pass by or if the cook makes an unexpected move. Remember: pots, lids and handles get quite hot!   

With safety as a top priority this season, you can focus on the important things. In no time, you’ll be watching the big game with family and friends. Just leave the dishes to someone else.  

— Jim McCafferty, Senior Vice President of AAA Insurance Services

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(Go Magazine Nov/Dec 2017)