In the Market for a Used Car?

AAA Insurance offers tips to help you identify potential scams before you buy. When hurricanes hit the Carolinas last year, automotive officials estimated that as many as 40,000 vehicles were damaged by floods. Flood damage can cause many problems, and insurance companies typically mark these cars as totaled and sell them to salvage companies. However, […]

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Don’t Stream and Drive

Research shows that SMS text messaging while driving is down. However, streaming and recording video behind the wheel is way up. Data use on a mobile device includes FaceTime, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Troubling incidents of watching and recording video while driving are becoming too common. Recently, a teen live streamed a video […]

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5 Best Islands

A tropical island is the ideal choice for many vacationers. Here are our top picks for 2019! Greek Islands Greece includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas. Only 227 are inhabited. Ideal climate and accessibility make them extremely popular. Enjoy scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing and snorkeling. Many islands also boast […]

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A New Level For Transparency in Auto Repair

Over 2 million Carolinians trust AAA to get them back on the road, and they can trust AAA Car Care to keep them there! Last year, over 200,000 Carolinians relied on AAA Car Care to repair or maintain their vehicles — and for good reason. For nearly 100 years, AAA has been an advocate for […]

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Protect Your Car, Protect Your Wallet

With the rising costs of buying a new car, many consumers are choosing to hold onto their old cars a little longer. If you decide to keep your older car, you may not have a monthly car payment, but often times, you pay in repairs. AAA offers exclusive and customizable extended warranty plans to help […]

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Category: Car Care

Tips for a Longer Car Life

When you purchase a new vehicle, everything is in top shape. Unfortunately, cars don’t last forever. By following these smart tips, though, you can extend the life of your vehicle.    Follow a regular maintenance schedule. Keeping up with these schedules is crucial in the life of your vehicle. Check tire components. Check your tire pressure often. Use […]

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Category: Auto Buying

4 Reasons You Might Need AAA Auto Buying Service

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, looking to sell your car or want to protect your current vehicle in the new year, you might feel overwhelmed with options. If you hate the idea of visiting multiple dealerships, our auto buying service may be the perfect solution for you. 1. Hate […]

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Category: Insurance Advice

Buyer Beware

The biggest mistakes people make when shopping for insurance Reducing coverages Pay attention to this especially when shopping insurance online. In order to “save” you money, insurance companies may default to minimum limits. If you have an accident and the damages are over your limits, you’ll have to pay out of pocket. When considering how […]

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