New To You: Used Car Buying Tips

Know your budget

Before you begin looking, figure out what you can spend. If you want to finance your car, decide on an affordable monthly payment and stick to it. Figure in taxes, repairs and fuel expenses — they’ll add to your overall cost.

Do your homework

Research the vehicles you’re interested in purchasing, but be realistic. Focus on needs first, then wants. Online forums and safety records are great ways to get information.

Check the vehicle history report

Carfax can reveal vital information about the car’s safety, including whether the odometer has been rolled back, or if it’s been in an accident. The vehicle’s VIN number is used to access this information.

Get an extended service plan to protect your purchase 

If the manufacturer’s warranty has expired or is close to expiring, AAA offers an exclusive extended vehicle service plan. Depending on the coverage you choose, your warranty can cover all major repairs for up to seven years and 230,000 odometer miles. 

Let the automotive experts at AAA Auto Buying help you with your next used car purchase. We offer a full inventory of used vehicles including top brands like Honda, Subaru and much more. Skip the hassle of car buying and get the most from your AAA Membership.  

         — Greg Pence, AAA Auto Buying Manager

AAA Members have access to customized service plans and zero interest payment plans with a AAA Vehicle Extended Service Plan

(Go Magazine May/June 2018)

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