Boat Smarts

Summer in the Carolinas often means spending more time out in the water. It’s vital to understand proper water safety — especially for boat owners. Before hitting the water, here are some things to consider:

Know the laws: Brush up on local water regulations and guidelines (from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources or the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission).

Be prepared: Let someone on land know your float plan, including your destination and expected time you’ll return.

Check your boat: Make sure lights and communication devices are working. Also, check the fuel levels and the engine.

Passenger safety: Every person on board should wear a life jacket. Have an emergency/evacuation plan in place and go over it with your passengers.

Communication is key: The driver or captain should always have a cell phone, VHF radio or other way to communicate in the event of an emergency. 

In addition to the above safety tips, contact your AAA Insurance agent today to ensure you have the best coverage for your boat. Boat insurance is as important as car insurance. Accidents can happen on the water as easily as on the road — a passenger could slip and fall, you could collide with another boat, or a storm could damage your craft.  

           — Jim McCafferty,  Senior VP of AAA Insurance Services

Your AAA Insurance agent can help you customize a boat insurance policy that fits your needs. Call 866-315-1252 for more information.

AAA Members get a 15 percent discount off SeaTow Gold and Lake Card memberships with SeaTow. They offer 24/7 water assistance, towing, gas delivery, and jump starts. 

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