New Insurance Products for Your Property

insurance products

You know you can count on AAA to cover you when you’re on the road. Now, you can also rely on us to help protect your biggest investment — your home and property. AAA Insurance offers three new Home Protection Plans to help customize your policy to best meet your unique needs and to provide a broader protection for your home. Learn more about these insurance products below.

Home Systems Protection: Covers systems, appliances and electronics homeowners value and rely on for everything from essential services like heating and cooling, water and power, to communications, security and entertainment.

Service Line Coverage: Service line coverage pays to repair or replace homeowner-owned, exterior underground water and sewer piping, electrical service lines and data lines that fail or are accidentally broken.

Inland Flood Coverage: Offers homeowners affordable protection for common flood exposures in low to moderate flood risk areas in the event of unexpected flooding.  

          — Jim McCafferty, Senior VP of AAA Insurance Services

Call 800-424-3751 and speak with an agent about any changes to your home or stop by your local AAA office to discuss insurance products that might be right for you.