Share the Road and Save a Life

Summer is in full swing, and many Carolinians have dusted off their bicycles to hit the open road. With more than a half million collisions between motor vehicles and bicycles taking place in the United States annually, it’s important that both motorists and cyclists stay alert and share the roadway. How drivers and cyclists interact determines everyone’s safety — including passengers and pedestrians. Whether you are driving a car or a bicycle, driving on roads requires care and courtesy.

Here’s a review of what drivers and cyclists need to know in common driving situations.

Turning Right

Drivers: Check the curb lane and check over your right shoulder so you don’t cut off any cyclists.
Cyclists: Watch for vehicles that may not see you and turn wide at intersections.

Turning Left

Drivers: Look ahead for oncoming vehicle or cyclists. Check the crosswalk for pedestrians.
Cyclists: Watch for vehicles that may be about to turn left.


Drivers: Change lanes to pass. Do not pass too close to cyclists. They need a safety zone of three feet on either side.
Cyclists: Watch passing vehicles and be prepared to slow down or stop if necessary.

Opening Car Doors

Drivers: Before opening the car door, check your mirror and over your shoulder for cyclists and pedestrians.
Cyclists: Watch for people in parked vehicles who may open the door as you are passing.  

— Tiffany Wright, Public Relations Manager

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(Go Magazine July/August 2017)

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