Cool Solutions with Travel Insurance

Cool Solutions with Travel Insurance Have you ever experienced a major inconvenience during a trip only to find out that your travel insurance policy didn’t cover it?   

AAA Carolinas now offers the newest, most innovative travel insurance policies available in the U.S. Allianz Global Assistance recently launched Smart Benefits, and we’re one of only a handful of U.S. travel agencies able to offer these policies. 

Not sure you need it? Here’s why you might!

Missed Port of Call Coverage 

Inclement weather or other issues can require your cruise ship to deviate from the planned port of call and reroute to a new one.  For example, last year on a Mediterranean cruise, the seas were so rough that our captain determined it was unsafe for our ship to port in Sorrento and instead ported in Naples. If this happens to you, Allianz will pay each policy holder $100 per missed port of call, up to a maximum of three missed ports or $300 per person. 

Covered Travel Delay

Allianz monitors flight delays worldwide in real time and will actually reach out to you during your delay. If your travel is delayed three or more hours (for varied reasons), Allianz will pay policy holders $100 per person. No receipts are required. When you book through AAA and purchase travel insurance, your AAA Travel Agent provides Allianz with your flight details so they can monitor your progress. 

Baggage Delay

If you’re covered by a Family Care or Family Care with Cancel Anytime policy and your bags are delayed in getting to your destination by 12 hours or more, Allianz will pay you $150 per person for the inconvenience of the bag delay. Having spent three days at sea while on an Alaska cruise and having no luggage, this certainly would have made purchasing from the ship’s store a little less painful to the pocket book. Simply send Allianz documentation of the bag delay and they will send you the cash.  No receipts are required.   

         —Sarah Henshall, Senior VP of Travel & Branch Operations

Ask your AAA Travel Agent about these new insurance benefits when you book your next vacation! Call 800-398-0379 for details. 

(Go Magazine May/June 2018)

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