Respite and Retreat

The lure of the Carolinas is strong for visitors seeking respite and renewal. Whether it’s along South Carolina’s sun kissed coastlines or sequestered in the lush mountains of North Carolina, there’s a spa waiting for you. SOUTH CAROLINATHE SPA AT BELMOND CHARLESTON PLACEThe recent addition of “Belmond” to its name is quite accurate. Belmond means […]

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Savvy Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to compile the shopping list. But this year, why not think outside the box? Instead of fighting the mall crowds, combine a vacation getaway with your quest for the perfect gift. Close to home and farther afield, shoppers can find unique treasures. ACROSS THE ATLANTIC A […]

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Gingerbread and Jingle Bells

With their whimsical style, sparkly, sugar-coated details and warm, spicy aroma, gingerbread houses are as much a part of the holiday season as trees, menorahs and carolers. The tradition is an old one: Gingerbread houses first appeared in Germany during the 16th century, when master bakers created ornate works of art from the spicy cookies. […]

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Prepare Your Car for Winter

With winter weather right around the corner it’s time to think about preparing your vehicle for colder temperatures. Here are a few things to consider.First, let’s check a few vitals: tires, oil, and battery. In order to perform properly, tires should have adequate tread depth and be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressures. It’s […]

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Winter Weather Driving

Before you drive your car in winter weather, if you don’t really need to go, you probably shouldn’t, particularly if your vehicle is rear-wheel drive. If you must drive, take a few precautions. First, make sure your vehicle is prepared before you leave the house. Be sure your tires are M/S rated, have adequate tread, […]

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South Carolina’s Traffic Safety Improves with Two New Laws

South Carolina took two major steps this year toward improving poor traffic safety records by passing laws related to texting and first-time drunken drivers. Anti-textingSouth Carolina became the 49th state to pass an anti-texting law relating to the use of texting while driving a vehicle. Effective: June 10. The $25 anti-texting offense carries no points […]

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A Gesture of Love: Why Life Insurance is a Must

Remember “It’s a Wonderful Life”? An angel showed George Bailey what it would be like for his family if he wasn’t there. But it’s not hard to imagine how valuable you are to your family. You do so much for the people you love. Some are “little things” like helping with homework. Some are important […]

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A Hidden Gem

I was sipping a glass of wine at La Balandra, the open-air restaurant at Harbour Village Beach Club, when our waiter appeared at the table. “They got one. What would you like us to do with it?” “It” was a lionfish, the invasive, stinging predator from Asia was first spotted here in 2009 and has […]

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