Got a Ticket?

IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A TRAFFIC TICKET IN NC, SC OR VA, AAA MAY BE ABLE TO HELP. Contact your county of citation to find out if you are eligible for a reduced or dismissed ticket by taking a AAA Traffic Safety Class offered in Charlotte, Durham or Hillsborough. Enroll at or call 866-741-6668. […]

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Category: Europe

Portugal’s Rich History Spans Centuries

Portugal is famous for its superior port wines but few remember this tiny country was the longest-lived of modern European colonial empires, spanning almost 600 years, from the capture of the city Ceuta near the Strait of Gibraltar in 1415 to the handover of Macau to China in 1999. Its ships sailed uncharted seas during […]

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Category: Car Care

Understanding Wheel Alignment

If you’re like a lot of people, you don’t really know much about wheel alignment. You might ask these questions: ● “What exactly is a wheel alignment anyway, and do I really need it?”● “Is it done to my car, or to my tires?” ● “If my vehicle needs an alignment, will it cause a […]

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Five Reasons to Visit Your AAA Office

So much business is conducted via the internet these days from buying insurance to booking travel, so why is it important for you to come in to a AAA office?1. Travel ServicesFrom our knowledgeable travel agents ready to assist you with your next vacation to packing demos that teach you how to pack for two […]

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Tips on Insuring Your New Home

So you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage, researched the schools and now you’re on a search for that perfect home. One thing that should be added to the to-do list is to consider the insurance implications of buying a specific house. In the excitement of acquiring a new home, AAA suggests that you keep the […]

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Category: Insurance Advice

Employee Life Insurance Alone: A Bad Idea?

You think you’re covered – you have life insurance from your employer and that’s all you need. Right? Not so fast. ● It’s usually restricted to one or two times your annual salary. Experts recommend five to 10 times your annual salary. ● You are limited to the options the company has chosen for you. […]

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Category: Caribbean

An Island Getaway with a Large Fun Quotient — Aruba Ariba!

“Aruba Ariba!” That is both the island’s nearly-red, tropical cocktail and what is said when you toast the moon! “One happy island,” is emblazoned on the local license plates. Arubans have a special brand of happiness fused with hospitality and a dose of genuine warmth. This attitude is contagious! An upbeat, positive vacation experience awaits […]

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Category: Stay Connected

A Safe Haven for Your Money

AAA Deposit Program offers Money Market Accounts and Online Savings Accounts, along with a full range of CDs and IRA CDs through Discover Bank. When considering a new account, always ask: ● Where can I get the best money market rates? ● How many transactions can I make each month? ● When is the interest […]

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