Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

With the holidays right around the corner, there are certain dangers to be aware of that could make your pet sick or worse. Not only are there many foods that can be harmful to our pets, but we also must be aware of toxic plants and other hidden household dangers. With more family and friends coming in and out of your home during the holiday season, there is a real chance that your furbaby could escape outside and get lost. Put your dog or cat in a closed room when party guests arrive, when you are hauling the tree or gifts in and out and even when cooling off the kitchen by propping the door open. All of these situations can give a pet ample time to sneak out unnoticed. 


Christmas trees and poinsettias adorn many of our homes during the holidays.  For those of us who have a live tree in our house, the water that we feed the tree can make our pets sick if ingested. Block off your tree so that your pet cannot get to it to drink the water.  Cats are fascinated with indoor trees and naturally want to climb them.  Your pet climbing the tree can be a fire hazard, as well as a potential danger to your cat.  Keep holiday flowers, like poinsettias, lilies, mistletoe and holly berries out of your pet's way.  These plants are extremely toxic to your pet and can cause them to get very sick or possibly die.  If you notice your pet drooling, vomiting, acting strangely, or having diarrhea, you should call a poison hotline or take them to your vet. Make sure to keep bows, ribbons, and tinsel away from pets. Dogs and cats alike may ingest them which can cause intestinal blockages that require immediate medical attention. Make sure your pet has the best coverage possible with Pets Best Health Insurance. AAA members save 10% on coverage


Often when friends and relatives are visiting, they want to make friends with your pet.  They will sometimes sneak food to them without your knowledge and could unknowingly put your pet in harm's way.  Turkey and chicken bones should never be given to a pet because they are hollow and can splinter.  In general, it is a good rule to ask people not to feed your pet people food. Chocolate seems to attract the attention of most pets and can make them very sick or possibly kill them.  Keep all chocolate away from your pets at all times.  Grapes from a holiday fruitcake can cause a potentially deadly obstruction in your pet's windpipe.  Add these to your list of things to keep away from your pets.  


If you are traveling this holiday season, pick up a copy of the AAA PetBook that contains over 13,000 pet-friendly accommodations.  With about 1,000 dining establishments listed that are pet-friendly, you can rest assured your traveling companion will enjoy the trip, too. You can also find emergency animal clinic information that could save your furbaby's life.  


While we are busy greeting guests and playing host, we need to remember to keep an eye on our pets.  Candles that offer a beautiful glow to your holiday setting can also attract your kitty cat and catch their tail on fire. Fires are just one of the reasons to make sure your insurance coverage meets your needs.



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