Make a Home Inventory List in Case of Theft or Disaster

Whether you rent or own your home, you should have a home inventory list in case of fire, burglary or other damage. An inventory list can help you make a claim and have it settled a lot faster.  Of course, you need to have the right insurance, too.  Our trusted AAA Insurance experts can walk you through it.  

There are several ways to tackle creating a home inventory list.  It can be as easy as taking a video throughout your home and uploading it to a private YouTube channel or as comprehensive as an Excel spreadsheet of your inventory. Try not to be overwhelmed.  Remember that having a partial inventory list is still better than not having one at all.  

  • Start with big ticket items.  Record serial numbers, makes and models of your appliances and electronics.  Always keep receipts or photographs for your inventory list.  Note when and where you purchased these items, too.  Serial numbers are often located in hard-to-reach places, like underneath your stove or behind your mounted television.  
  • Take pictures of your jewelry.  Keep the receipts or have the item appraised if it was a gift.  
  • Inventory clothing by category. Count your pants, blouses, sweaters, shoes, and purses and make notations for designer or more expensive pieces.
  • Take pictures of your artwork.  Keep receipts or have them appraised for your inventory list.  The value can change over time. 
  • Furniture should be listed, photographed and recorded.  Antiques should be appraised for their value.  
  • Store warranty information, along with your inventory list in a fire proof box.  Keep multiple copies in a few safe places, like a safety deposit box at your bank, filed at your away-from-home office, and an additional set with a trusted relative or friend.  

Home inventory lists should be updated at least once a year to include new purchases and gifts.  Sometimes items increase in value and should be re-appraised for your inventory.  Jewelry, artwork, and antiques often change in value, for the better. 

Once you have created a true inventory list, it makes it easier for us to pair the right home insurance coverage for you.  Call us today so we can review your insurance needs.  Our AAA Insurance Deluxe Home Protection includes First Protector which can be a life saver financially. First Protector Insurance can pay your mortgage if you are displaced from your home.  If you are displaced from your home due to your land and home being permanently uninhabitable, First Protector will pay off your remaining mortgage. If that is not reason enough, then consider that our Deluxe Home Protection also includes flood coverage, home security discounts and home warranty plans.

Make your home inventory list today and let our AAA Insurance experts help you with make the best decisions about insurance for your home, family and life.

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