Preparing Your Home For Fall & Cooler Weather

As summer blinks itself to sleep,  fall lies waiting to awaken.  As you put away the lounge chairs and bathers, remember to prepare your home for fall's cool arrival.  Simple tasks completed now make for an easy season transition.  

Make a fall and winter preparedness checklist.  

-Have non-perishables on hand.


-Stock up on batteries and water.  


-Have candles and flashlights on hand and make sure everyone has easy access to them. 

-Purchase a gas-powered generator for your home. 


-Make a cash stash for emergencies.


-Keep firewood on hand for firepits and bonfires.

-Get to know your neighbors, especially the elderly, and keep watch on one another, in case of bad storms. 

Make a separate checklist for regular quarterly house maintenance.  


-Check all windows and doorways for cracks in weather stripping.  Caulk if needed.


-Clean debris from gutters. 

-Install timers on lights.  Remember, it will get darker earlier in the day.  

-Clean unused exterior planters.  Most can be washed and cleaned with dishwashing liquid.  Allow time for them to dry out before storing away. 

-Clean your furnace and have a check-up performed before using. 


-Hire a chimney sweep to make sure it is clear for fall and winter use. Birds and other creatures can build nests in chimneys, and creosote can build up on the walls, creating a fire hazard.  

-Have duct work cleaned and checked for cracks.  Insulate where necessary to save on heating costs. 


-Check roof for shingle damage and leaks. 

-Clean or replace air filters. AAA members get discounts on both DuPont and Accumulair.


-Remove clutter and hazardous materials from your home.  Call your city recycling and ask about local paint disposal drop-offs.  Most places have a free drop-off a couple of times per year.  This includes electronics drop offs.  

-Check out PPG for great deals on paint.  Early fall is the perfect time for interior painting.  It's good to have everything freshly painted before everyone hunkers down for fall and winter.  

Schedule a time to meet with your trusted insurance agent and make sure your homeowner's policy is up-to-date.


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