The Importance of Taking Time for Yourself

Does it seem that there is always an ever-expanding "to-do" list in your home? No matter how hard we all try to plan and prepare, there is always more to add to the list. We live in a fast-paced world with ever changing needs.  

Maybe part of it is self created? We are all accustomed to immediate access to information; the Internet alone has shifted the way we think about the speed in which we find information. This seems to have translated throughout every segment of our lives. There are never ending work deadlines and home projects in conjunction with our civic duties and family obligations.  

Similarly, Netflix has changed the way we think about television. Having the ability to watch an entire season of a show is now an attainable luxury. No longer do we need to make sure that we've set the DVR to record our shows. The difficult part these days is making the time to watch them.   

Time management is something most of us struggle with daily. Making time to snuggle with your children or your significant other has somehow become something we need to schedule in our planners. As we struggle to plan out every second of our lives, we have a tendency to neglect our own needs. Treating yourself to the occasional manicure or pedicure is good for the soul. How about a massage or a weekend in your pajamas watching Netflix for hours on end? Read an entire book without stopping. Go for a long walk without setting a pace. Don't think about the steps your Fitbit is counting. In fact, just leave it at home. Embrace the sounds of nature, feel your breath and lose yourself in abstract thought. 

Taking time for yourself gives your mind and body rest, allowing you the strength to tackle your schedule with a fresh perspective. Recharging your body and mind should be in your planner. Make a date for yourself.  

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