Life-Changing Events? Review Your Insurance

Sometimes life can feel like a race (or even a rat race!), but life’s milestones—getting married, buying a house, having kids, retiring—can make you feel like you’ve won the race. It’s important to remember as you go through the race of life is that your insurance coverage needs to keep pace with these milestones.
Driving. Getting your driver’s license and your first car are momentous occasions for many reasons, not the least of which is getting the proper auto insurance coverage. As you change your driving habits, recheck your coverage. This includes adding or removing drivers, adding or removing car or changing your commute. Enjoy years of safe driving with the right coverage.
Marriage. When you get engaged, a ring usually enters to the picture. Protect this and other valuables with the right insurance coverage. In terms of the marriage, you want the appropriate life insurance coverage.
Housing. It’s essential to insure your home with the right insurance policy. Homeowners insurance can differ depending on whether you’re a first-time home buyer or ready to move into your long-awaited dream home. If you’re not at the home buying stage yet, renter’s insurance is a consideration.
Employment and retirement. Job changes can necessitate insurance changes, so keep in touch with your agent as your employment priorities shift and particularly as you approach retirement.
There are many other scenarios that affect your insurance needs, but the main takeaway is not to let your insurance lag in the race of life. Review your policies, talk to your agent regularly and ask a lot of questions.

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