The Power of Four-Legged Friends

The one constant about life is that it never stays the same. As we age, we face a myriad of challenges, whether it is the loss of a loved one or our own illness, as well as transitions such as retirement and the need to downsize our homes. Whatever change you’re facing, pets provide a great source of comfort for a great many reasons.
The companionship pets offer goes beyond having another living thing to share space with. Pets help aging adults cope with loneliness and isolation, and they provide a sense of belonging and worth, while also reducing anxiety and depression. This segues into the health benefits of owning a pet. Much has been touted about this topic, but is it all so much mumbo-jumbo? According to WebMD, owning pets are good for the mind and soul.
Research shows that pet ownership lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attack (and improves the odds of recovering from one), boosts your immune system, and, for dog owners, encourages you to exercise. Speaking of dogs (and cats!), do your research. Be sure to choose your new pet wisely and make sure it can adapt to your lifestyle and budget. Smaller may be better, adults may be better than puppies or kittens, and cats may be better than dogs. In many instances, family members should be involved in and on board with the decision.
As you’re navigating life’s transitions, make sure you’re covered for any other upcoming life changes that could affect your insurance policy. Talk to your agent and ask questions. That way, you and your furry friend will be prepared for whatever life brings.

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