Just Picked: A Look at the Best Farmers Markets in the Carolinas

The farmers market is such a wonderful place to visit. With more than 200 markets in North Carolina and more than 50 in South Carolina, there is a seemingly unending supply of local offerings.

You can find local honey, produce, artisan cheeses, handmade soaps and activities for children and adults. Many of these activities provide a learning experience for the visitor, as well. Depending on your location, you can easily access your local market with this link in North Carolina. South Carolina residents and visitors can find the closest market with this link

Of course, living in the Carolinas gives us year round access to herbs, sweet potatoes, collards and other greens. Mushrooms and radishes are beginning to appear again, too. Romaine lettuce, snow peas, spinach and turnips have also arrived for the spring party. The super food broccoli makes its debuts this month, as well, so get your steamers ready. 

One of the best go-to meals right now is grilled pork chops served over a bed of sweet potato puree. The flavor profiles take you back to the days of visiting your grandmother's house for Sunday dinners. For an easy and delicious Saturday option; slow roast a pork loin and pair it with roasted asparagus and creamy polenta. Just sear the pork loin and toss it in a dutch oven with a chopped onion and some garlic and cook at 275 degrees in the oven for four to five hours. The aroma in your house will make your dog whimper and your partner love you more. Well maybe not, but it definitely doesn't hurt. Making your local farmers market a part of your regular grocery routine is a great way to support local business, eat healthier and get outside. 

With the spring weather welcoming us to get out and about, plan a visit to your local AAA Carolinas office and make sure you have the best insurance plan. You can't go wrong with AAA Carolinas on your side.


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