Thanksgiving Traditions: Find Your Way to Celebrate

Thanksgiving traditions are a big part of this fall holiday, and families all have their own way of celebrating. From turkey and football to parades and traveling, there are a variety of ways to mark the day. Here are some favorite traditions you may want to start for your family this year. 


Start the day with a substantial Thanksgiving breakfast if dinner is typically your big meal of the holiday. That way, you can skip lunch and be ready to put some turkey away come dinner time. After breakfast, you can get burn off those calories getting some exercise with an outdoor hike or a fun family game of football before dinner. 


Compile a family cookbook of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, so you have a keepsake to give to your extended family to commemorate your yearly holiday menus. Start this year by asking everyone to bring a favorite recipe to Thanksgiving dinner. You can complete the cookbooks and give them as a heartfelt Christmas gift to your family members. 


Instead of staying home, make a tradition to travel every Thanksgiving holiday and get the whole family to go someplace tropical or on a cruise. Swap cold weather and turkey for sultry days and Caribbean fare. If you plan on road tripping, use general safety precautions to get your family safely to your destination. AAA Travel can plan the perfect getaway for you and your family from a relaxing resort to an all-inclusive cruise. 


Hang out on the couch for some much-needed rest. Let's not forget that Thanksgiving is a holiday after all. Use the time off of work and school to get a jump start on those Christmas cards, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, play a friendly game of football with the family or neighbors, and put aside at least a couple of hours for an indulgent post-turkey nap. 


Forget cooking and get your meal catered or go out to dinner! If spending all day in the kitchen is not your cup of tea, leave the guilt behind and have someone else do the cooking. Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones and feeling grateful for all that you have. Cooking is optional! This way, you have more quality time to spend with your family rather than slaving away in the kitchen and then having to clean everything up.


Let the kids give the toast to make them feel more involved in the holiday. Kids say the darndest things, so why not let them say what they are thankful for to make the meal more memorable. It's traditions like these that parents and grandparents love and remember from year to year. 


Make the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas by playing Christmas music while cooking your feast. Have fun with family and friends while you prepare, but make sure to obey general cooking safety rules. Dust off the favorite Christmas albums, or start a new playlist with your old favorites. 


Plot your Black Friday shopping route with the sales fliers in the Thanksgiving Day paper. Black Friday shopping has been a part of many families' traditions since its inception in 1952. Take some time this Thanksgiving to peruse the local newspapers and your favorite store websites to decide which stores you need to hit to maximize your shopping time. 


After you've polished off Thanksgiving dinner and the sun has gone down, have everyone write what they are thankful for on a small slip of paper. Then step outside with the family and launch paper lanterns in the sky with your grateful list inside. This Thanksgiving tradition originated with Chinese paper lanterns that have been made for centuries as part of long-established festivities. 


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