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The AAA Driver Improvement Program was first developed in 1977 when it became evident that there was a need for informational and behavioral programming for roadway drivers. Over the years, AAA has worked with many organizations to improve and expand the program to meet the safe driving needs of drivers including:


Traffic Offenders:

The defensive driving material in this course may qualify traffic offenders for violation point reduction or citation dismissal. If you received a ticket or points on your license, we may be able to help reduce your punishment.


Fleet Drivers:

From small to large fleets, companies enrolling their drivers in our improvement program can cut costs related to crashes and boost productivity.


Senior Drivers:

Getting tips and training on how to cope with the physical changes that come with aging can be beneficial in maintaining one’s independence as we age.


Teen Drivers:

When used in combination with state driver education curriculum, teens are more prepared and better equipped behind the wheel for responsible driving.  


Whether you have received a traffic ticket or just want to sharpen your driving skills, AAA’s Traffic Safety Courses can help. If you have been charged with a moving violation in North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia, you may be eligible to attend AAA’s Traffic Safety Course. Successful course completion may entitle you to a reduced charge or dismissal of your citation. Contact the district attorney in the county where you received your ticket for eligibility. All AAA Driver Improvement Classes cover many of the key concepts that effect drivers on the road today including how to manage the risks associated with driving, distracted driving, using speed and space effectively, alcohol and other drugs, and much more.


Our driver improvement program is delivered in an 8-hour or 4-hour in-person classroom setting using core and supplementary content through interactive videos and student guides. These classes are taught throughout the Carolinas by AAA certified instructors to all licensed drivers. All AAA Driver Improvement Program instructors are certified to teach our program and many have years of training in the Driver Education and Traffic Safety fields. We also offer an online option for driver improvement and senior classes via this link:


The senior course ROADWISE, was first introduced in 1985 and is for drivers above the age of 55. This four or eight hour course specializes in the needs of the mature driver, from age-based changes and their effects on driving, to how they can maintain safe mobility for a lifetime.


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