All Aboard! Travel in Style on Amtrak

Breathtaking landscapes, historic sites, and sweeping national parks make a stunning backdrop for a U.S. train excursion. Train travel showcases our beautiful countryside as you've never seen it before. Check out these reasons why you should leave your car parked, and hit the rails instead.


Save money by taking a train to your destination. Train travel is a much more cost-effective alternative to plane travel, especially with airline ticket prices are continually on the rise. Not only that but when you travel by train, you can carry on two personal items, and check two bags for free. If you frequently travel by car, you will save money on gas as well as hundreds of miles of wear and tear on your vehicle. 


Instead of focusing on directions and traffic, or enduring the stress of the airport, going by train means you can relax and let someone else do the navigating. Amtrak trains include many amenities such as free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets at each seat, and dining cars with various food options. Many Amtrak trains even offer sleep accommodations so you can arrive rested and ready to take in the sights. 


When you ride with Amtrak, seeing the countryside becomes part of your vacation. Unlike highway car travel where you are distracted by the stress of driving, or flying where you are insulated from your surroundings, train travel is a destination in and of itself. Enjoy the unforgettable landscapes of the California Pacific Coast, the Colorado Rockies, or even majestic Glacier National Park.


Deciding to travel by train is just the first step. Finding out where to go is next. But don't try to figure out all the details alone. Book an incredible train trip with your AAA travel agent. While you are at your local travel branch, pick up some new luggage for your trip with your AAA member discount. We can get you on track for a great vacation. For a limited time, AAA members enjoy 20% off (additional 10% off the usual 10% AAA discount) the best available rail fare on select trains. Also, up to two children may ride at half the adult fare. Tickets must be purchased August 17th – September 30th, 2017 for travel September 2nd – October 31st, 2017 (note blackout dates in restrictions). This offer is only available through and you must use promo code H272. 

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