Gracious Loser: 5 Recipes to Settle Your Basketball Bet

Ugh—your team lost the big game. And, perhaps even more painful, you lost the money you bet on them winning. 
A good way to break out of those bet-losing blues is to show up with some nice, “no hard feelings” treats for all to share. Congratulate your winning friend, colleague, neighbor or family member with a sport-worthy snack “peace offering” that shows what a gracious loser you are.
Here are five great snacks to make on a budget (because we all know your wallet is a little lighter now):
Boneless Buffalo Chicken Bites
Losing bites. So why not make some winning bites?
These chicken bites have all the flavor of traditional buffalo wings, with fewer calories and zero bones. They’re a great way to use up a rotisserie chicken too, and they can be made ahead of time—just assemble, refrigerate, and bake just before serving.
Bacon Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes
Everything’s better with bacon … even losing.
Think the best parts of a BLT. These tomatoes are inexpensive to make (just four ingredients) and can be made well ahead of time and refrigerated until needed. They take some time to assemble, but just picture the other team as you cut open the cherry tomatoes and scoop out their insides.
Beer Bacon Dip
The halftime trifecta!
Beer, bacon, and dip—when their powers combine, good things happen. Bring plenty of chips, and don’t bet on leftovers, unless you want to lose again (sorry).
Jalapeño Cream Cheese Poppers
Still feeling the burn of losing? Burn them back a little.
These jalapeño poppers require just three ingredients and pack a fiery, irresistible punch. They’re easy to make and easy to assemble, but hard to share.
Reese’s Pieces Almond Popcorn Snack
Sometimes you just need to eat your feelings.
You’ll want to divide this sweet treat  into individual servings to avoid any tackling for seconds. This snack has a few more ingredients than the others but is super simple to assemble and a little too easy to finish.

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