Keeping Your Spark: 10 Ways to Show Your Love with the Help of AAA Discounts

When you think of your AAA membership, you probably think of roadside assistance, but did you know it can also give you a little romance assistance?   AAA’s partnerships with service providers in the hospitality, entertainment, dining, and travel industries provide numerous discounts for AAA members, including some that can help you out this Valentine’s […]

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Safety Seats for Infants, Toddlers and Children

As a parent, from day one you want nothing more than to keep your little one safe. You read all the books and blogs, attend classes, and ask other parents for advice. You research the products, check the recalls, and study consumer reports. However, buying the safest products is only half the battle.   A […]

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6 Best Places to Visit in the Carolinas this Winter

Don’t hibernate just because the temperatures have dropped. There are some wonderful places to visit in the Carolinas this winter. And with the help of AAA Carolinas, why not throw on a jacket and scarf and venture out for some winter fun? Here are some destinations that are every bit as fun in the winter […]

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Current Events Blog Post: Gas Prices

With gas prices dropping to just over $2 per gallon (hooray!), now is as good a time as any to plan a road trip. Whether you’ve been eyeing a weekend getaway or hoping for a longer vacation, you can finally make those plans knowing you won’t spend all of your trip funds getting there.   […]

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Gracious Loser: 5 Recipes to Settle Your Basketball Bet

Ugh—your team lost the big game. And, perhaps even more painful, you lost the money you bet on them winning.    A good way to break out of those bet-losing blues is to show up with some nice, “no hard feelings” treats for all to share. Congratulate your winning friend, colleague, neighbor or family member […]

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