Safety Spotlight: Baldwin Driver Training School

Baldwin Driver Training has been on a mission to make the roads safer in the state of South Carolina since 1954 – the oldest accredited driving school in the state as it has been AAA approved for more than a decade. It has done so by offering driving lessons for South Carolinians all across the state.


Baldwin has locations in Columbia and Lexington and offers service to drivers in the surrounding towns as well. The multiple locations are to encourage all South Carolinians to receive proper driver training and not deter anyone from not coming due to locations.


The school has a wide range of experienced staff teaching the training classes. Some of the staff members include former police officers and bus drivers and the rest are veteran driving instructors.

Baldwin Driver Training offers the following classes:


  • Teenager Program – This is an 8 hour classroom session and a 6 hour driving session for teens learning to drive. Upon completion, students earn an insurance certificate.
  • Teenager Program & Third Party Road Test – Similar to the program above, this class offers an 8 hour classroom and 6 hour driving portion. Afterward, teens are able to take the road test through a 3rd party to become a licensed driver.
  • 4 Point Reduction & Traffic Ticket Class – Following the classroom instruction in this session, students will be given a certificate to send to their insurance company and a copy of DMV paperwork. This will result in a four point deduction from their license.
  • Car Lessons – These classes range from 2-6 hour appointments to integrate teens and adults with their vehicles and the dangers of the road.


In order to accommodate all drivers, Baldwin Driver Training keeps class prices competitive in order to fit budgets of all sizes.


Class registration is not necessary – you can simply show up and pay that day. To see a full schedule of upcoming classes, please click here.


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