South Carolina’s DUI-E Bill

South Carolina legislatures are reviewing a bill that would make it illegal to hold a cell phone behind the wheel. 


House Bill 4480, also known as the DUI-E (driving under the influence of electronics) bill, aims to un-blur the line between texting and talking on the device so that anytime the device is in a driver’s hand, it is considered illegal. 


The punishment for violating the law would also increase. A first offense would earn the driver a $100 ticket. Additional tickets would cost $300 plus 2 points on a driver's license. Currently, South Carolina drivers only face a $25 fine for each offense, no matter how many tickets they have received.


After its introduction, the bill was discussed by a House panel where members of the community testified in its favor, from relatives of victims of distracted driving to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety President Tiffany Wright.


To follow the status of this bill, click here. To read more about the proposals in the bill, click here.


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