Spotlight: Safe Lane Driving School

Former North Carolina State Highway Patrolman Phillip Glover has a deep-rooted passion for making the roads in his community safer. As a Trooper for 27 years, Glover witnessed countless car crashes that possibly could have been avoided had the driver been equipped with better defensive driving skills.

“I was always involved with highway safety during my career,” stated Glover. “I still remember every fatal crash that I investigated and my hope is that through education and sharing my experiences that we can work to reduce the number of crashes.”

Glover's dedication to making a difference on the highways of Shelby prompted him to open a driving school upon his retirement from the police force.  

Safe Lane Driving School is now open for business and offers the following services:

  • Teen Driver Education: For teens ages 14 1/2 to 18. It involves 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of driving. The class prepares teens for the driver's test they must take at their local DMV to get their license. 
  • Adult Driver Education: For adult's that want to better equip themselves behind the wheel or those looking to reduce points, comply with a ticket or boost insurance costs. 
  • Specialized Driver Training: For drivers interested in two hours of interstate driving, driving on rural roads, navigating intersections and driving on urban roads to prepare drivers for all conditions. 
  • AAA Driver Improvement Program: For any licensed driver that would like to improve their defensive driving skills, has received a driving citation that could be reduced/dismissed with class completion, and those interested in possible car insurance discounts.  

As a valued member of the AAA Carolinas Approved Driving School Network, Safe Lane Driving School sets itself apart and owner Phillip Glover has made a commitment to conduct his business at the highest quality level. He services his customers with excellence in mind through comprehensive and interactive instruction in all areas of driver education and offers a discount for all AAA members who take his class.

Many teens take advantage of Safe Lane’s weekend classes to keep from missing after school activities, and he offers adults the flexibility to work around their busy schedules. 

Those who take a class through Safe Lane Driving School are not only getting lessons on better driving techniques, they are also getting the perspective of a public safety professional with years of experience behind the wheel.  

Safe Lane Driving School is located at 1230-8 E. Dixon Blvd. in Shelby, NC 28152                     

To reach Phillip Glover, call 704-481-7807 or email”

Safe Lane Driving School

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