Tips if You’re Stranded in Winter Weather

AAA Carolinas is committed to serving those in need, especially when it comes to emergency roadside assistance.  When unforeseen circumstances arise, such as extended days of below freezing temperatures and winter weather conditions, it challenges our ability to perform at our normal expectations.  If you find yourself stranded in winter weather, AAA recommends the following safety tips:

  • If you are facing a life-threatening emergency please call 911.
  • If you become snow-bound, stay with your vehicle. It provides temporary shelter and makes it easier for rescuers to locate you. Don’t try to walk in a severe storm. It’s easy to lose sight of your vehicle in blowing snow and become lost. Don’t over exert yourself by trying to push or dig your vehicle out of the snow.
  • Tie a brightly colored cloth to the antenna or place a cloth at the top of a rolled up window to signal distress. At night, keep the dome light on if possible. It only uses a small amount of electricity and will make it easier for rescuers to find you.
  • Make sure the exhaust pipe isn’t clogged with snow, ice or mud. A blocked exhaust could cause deadly carbon monoxide gas to leak into the passenger compartment with the engine running.
  • Use whatever is available to insulate your body from the cold. This could include floor mats, newspapers or paper maps.
  • If possible, run the engine and heater just long enough to remove the chill and still conserve gasoline.
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