Girl Scout Troop Earns Their AAA Car Care Badge

AAA Car Care opened its doors and service bays to host Girl Scout troop 599 to give high school girls in the community the chance to get hands-on experience from a trained car care professional and learn tips for taking care of their vehicles.

Girl Scouts Earn AAA Car Care Badge

The troop met at the W.T. Harris AAA Car Care center in Charlotte with regional manager Scott Stillwell and Car Care manager Jamel Gathers. There they were first given a “what do you know” quiz to gauge their knowledge of vehicles before the lesson.


On the way to earning their car care badge, the troop members were taught basic car care maintenance, how to check tire pressure, how to change a tire, what each light represents on the dashboard, and the basic information under the hood – including how to check oil.


Armed with the confidence to take care of themselves in the event of car trouble, the troop then met with Traffic Safety Manager Nicole McGarity to discuss driver safety. They learned about one of the most pertinent issues facing them behind the wheel: distracted driving. Next, they participated in a “fatal vision” exercise with drunk simulation goggles.

At the conclusion of their lesson, the girls were awarded the Car Care badge. To receive this honor, a Girl Scout must:

  • Get a handle on basic car maintenance
  • Investigate vehicle safety
  • Research safe driving practices
  • Understand what to do in an emergency
  • Drive for a greener world


AAA Carolinas enjoyed taking the time to equip teens in the community with the information necessary to take care of car issues. We hope to continue to host events such as the car care badge going forward.


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