Collecting America’s Story with Lucy the Van (1/19/2018)

Welcome back to Lucy the Van’s blog about Collecting America’s Story.  If you logged in earlier this month, you know that Lucy is asking you to join her on her mission – to travel to places throughout the United States called Coast to Coast Sites. Each C2C Site tells an important part of America’s story; it’s a place that:

  • More people should know about and visit
  • Has a Wow! Factor
  • Are worth the trip!

In each blog, we give you some hints about the C2C site that Lucy has taken us to recently – or that we will be visiting soon.   We invite you to guess its location and what it is, and email Lucy at with your guess.  If you’re right, Lucy will send you a coupon to exchange for the coaster card of that C2C site when you visit it in 2018.

As we mentioned in the first blog, we are AAA members. We know we can get help from AAA in at least two important ways as we travel with Lucy:

  • Planning our trip with AAA using tourbooks, maps and Trip Tiks
  • Getting road-side assistance, if we need it

Hints for this month’s featured C2C site:  This Coast to Coast Site is a special place where the grass is almost always green and flowers bloom most of the year. It has people and animals that “stand still through time.”  Throughout the year, visitors can cruise through history on foot, cart, or boat.  And through April of 2018, there’s a special “pre-history” exhibit on the grounds that makes Lucy the Big Red Van feel teeny.


If you know what the site is and where it is, contact Lucy at and she’ll let you know if you’re right.  If you are, we will email you a coupon that you can exchange for that site’s C2C coaster card as you join us in Collecting America’s Story!  Don’t worry, your information will not be used or shared for solicitation purposes without your expressed consent

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