Collecting America’s Story with Lucy the Van – Blog #4

Welcome back to Where's Lucy the Van? Guess correctly and you will earn a Coaster Card of this C2C Site and a chance to win special giveaways from selected C2C Sites.

Hints for Blog # 4’s featured C2C site:  Lucy the Big Red Van has heard us call her “our wheels” or our “primary form of transportation” enough times that she decided she wanted to understand more about her “family” – cars, and busses, trucks, and trains. She realized pretty quickly at this first transportation-related stop in Virginia that being “big” – as in “Lucy, the Big Red Van” – is all relative.

If you know what C2C site Lucy visited in search of her relatives and what town and state it’s in, click here. We will let you know if you’re right.  If you are, we will email you a coupon that you can exchange at the site for your C2C coaster card of that site, similar to the one shown here of C2C Site MD# 2 – Harriet Tubman Museum.

Don’t worry, your information will not be used or shared for solicitation purposes without your expressed consent.

If you’ve logged into the Where’s Lucy? Blog before, you know that Lucy the Van is visiting Coast to Coast Sites.

Each C2C Site must tell an important part of America’s story that we think:

  • More people should know about — and visit!
  • Has a Wow! Factor
  • Is Worth the Trip!

Don’t forget to guess which C2C site Lucy was visiting in this blog. Also, check out the other AAA Talks blogs in the Where’s Lucy? series so that you can get free coaster cards when you join us – and Lucy – in traveling from site to site, Collecting America’s Story!


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