Collecting America’s Story with Lucy the Van – Blog #6

Welcome back to Where's Lucy the Van? Guess correctly and you will earn a Coaster Card of this C2C Site, and a chance to win special giveaways from selected C2C Sites.

Hint's for this featured C2C site: Listening to Lynne reading from her AAA tour book, Lucy the Van heard about the place where the assassin of one of our great presidents may have started his "getaway journey". Lucy decided to see if – had she been at the right place at the right time – she could have headed him off sooner than later, and maybe he would have "spilled the beans" on whether Mary Surratt had anything to do with the assassination plot. 

If you know what C2C site Lucy took us to and what town and state it's in, click here to make your guess,. Lucy will let you know if you're right. If you are, we will email you a coupon that you can exchange at the site for your C2C coaster card of that site, similar to the one shown here of C2C Site NC#1 – Bentonville Battlefield. We will also enter your name in a monthly drawing for a free gift from one of our featured sites.

If you've logged into the Where's Lucy? blog before, you know that Lucy the Van is visiting Coast to Coast Sites. Each C2C Site must tell an important part of America's Story that:

  • More people should know about
  • Has a Wow! Factor
  • Is worth the trip!

So far, there are Coast to Coast sites in 4 states, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina (Lucy's home state) and South Carolina. Lucy will be taking us to more states soon, to find 13 sites in each state to add to the C2C Sites collection. If you have suggestions of places that fit our criteria and that you think warrant inclusion in the Coast to Coast Collection, please go here to make some suggestions. 

Don't forget to guess which C2C site Lucy was visiting in this blog. Also, check out the other AAA Talks blogs in the Where's Lucy? series so that you can get free coaster cards when you join us – and Lucy – in traveling from site to site, Collecting America's Story!


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