Collecting America’s Story with Lucy the Van (1/5/2018)

Where's Lucy?

Lucy the Van is on a mission – to travel to every Coast to Coast Site in the United States, Collecting America’s Story!  And she is blogging about which C2C Site she has recently visited through AAA Talks.

In each blog – along with a Where’s Lucy? Photograph like the one above — we will give you some hints about a C2C site that Lucy recently visited. We invite you to guess what site it is and where it is located and email Lucy to find out if you are correct.

Hints for this month’s first featured C2C site:  Lucy is looking for gold!  She knows she’ll need much money for fuel, oil changes, and general maintenance, if she’s going to drive around Collecting America’s Story – in all 50 states!  She heard one of the first gold mines in the USA was not in California…but, rather in her home state.  So, she headed there.  She learned that a long time ago a 12-year boy found a 17- pound yellow rock in a stream.  His family used it as a door stop for three years before discovering it was gold.  There was so much gold in the area that some early US coins containing gold were minted nearby.  Lucy  heard that it’s still possible to pan for gold there, so we set off to do just that!

If you know what the site is and in what town and state it is located, email Lucy at and she’ll let you know if you’re right.  If you are, Lucy will email you a coupon that you can exchange for that C2C site’s coaster card (see sample coaster card of SC # 1 below) and join us in Collecting America’s Story!  Don’t worry, your information will not be used or shared for solicitation purposes without your expressed consent.

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