Dog Breed Destinations – Part III

Many pet owners consider their dogs to be members of their family.  Often we are drawn to a particular breed, but just as often we may find the perfect mixed breed to rescue.  With a mixed breed, owners are often curious about the makeup of our furbabies.  Your veterinarian can affordably offer DNA tests that provide the genetic makeup of our pets. Knowing the breed or breeds that our dogs are made of can help us understand their natural tendencies, attitudes, and needs.  The Newfoundland, Portuguese Water Dog, Shar Pei, Leonberger, and Great Pyrenees are just a handful of popular dog breeds today.  


Originating in Canada, the Newfoundland is a hard-working and loving dog.  This dog breed was introduced to the masses in the book, "Peter Pan" as Nana, the nanny for the children in the story.  These huge dogs were originally bred to pull nets for fisherman and haul wood.  Despite their strength, they have a kind temperament and loving demeanor.  Visit the villages of Newfoundland and experience the terrain and culture that cultivated your puppy's features and behavior. 


The Portuguese Water Dog is an excellent companion pet.  These dogs are easy to train and typically weigh between 42 and 60 pounds.  They are intelligent, loyal, and brave.  Their love for their owners is apparent by their desire to appease them.  Visit beautiful and sunny Portugal to learn more about the place your dog was first bred.  While walking the oceanfront, imagine the dog's history of retrieving fisherman's nets and acting as a courier between boats.  


The unmistakable wrinkles of the Chinese Shar-pei make it one of the most unique dog breeds.  These charming dogs are fiercely loyal but need a strong willed handler.  Shar-peis are quick to take over if they feel it is possible.  Owners should introduce their Shar-peis to children, cats, and other adults while they are puppies to socialize them properly. They develop strong bonds with their immediate family, but with early introductions to others, they can be very gentle with everyone.  Book this Treasures of China trip to see the distinctive qualities of the land and culture that helped develop your loyal companion's traits. 


Leonberger dogs are gentle giants.  They are a combination of the long-haired Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, and Newfie.  These mammoth pooches can be excellent companions, but require a good deal of exercise and attention.  They are a formidable force for the unwelcome visitor.  Take this Best of Germany trip to see firsthand the culture and environment that cultivated these grand canines.  


Last, but not least, the Great Pyrenees pooch can weigh up to 110 pounds.  These floppy eared giants were first bred as sheep dogs in France.  Since they were bred to be alone to guard sheep, they are very independent, laid back, and do not need constant attention.  They are highly devoted to their families and can sometimes be territorial. Put this French Escapade package on your list and visit your dogs ancestral home while enjoying exceptional French wine and cuisine. 

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