What are TripTiks & How Do I Get One?

For those times when our mobile phones and GPS devices cannot connect, nothing beats a hard copy backup plan. While the world seems to have left paper maps behind, AAA's customers prove there is still a high demand for printed material. The first TripTik is still a customer favorite. Personalized maps are printed out and bound for each member with additional traffic information noted and researched by one of our experienced travel agents.  

With the AAA TripTik Travel Planner, you can easily plan a road trip online, too.  Once on the road, you can use the easy-to-download AAA Mobile App for spontaneous decisions along the way.  Both the online planner and the AAA Mobile App provide maps and traveling directions so you can focus on the fun.  These tools provide the locations of AAA approved and Diamond rated hotels and restaurants. You can even reserve your lodging with the handy booking feature!  Don't forget to use it to find best gas prices on your route too.  

While AAA strives to stay on top of the latest and greatest in digital applications, every customer's needs are considered.  Members have grown accustomed to the convenience and ease of the original TripTik.  You can stop by any of our travel locations for your own personalized TripTik.  With TripTiks, not only do you get the best driving directions, but you also receive the added benefit of having our seasoned travel agents available to provide the best travel deals and vacation packages for you.  The only downfall of the bound TripTik is its inability to show "real time" driving conditions.  Luckily, the AAA Mobile App fills this gap with current traffic information.

For those of you who do not want to add wear and tear to your vehicle, consider having us book a Hertz car rental for the trip.  As a member, you can save 10-20% with Hertz. If you decide to take your own car, stop by one of our convenient AAA Auto Repair and Care Centers for a FREE pre-trip inspection.

Since AAA's beginnings in 1902, we have been on a mission to provide everyone with the best automobile safety information. It's a no-brainer to use the TripTik Travel planner from innovators in the driving industry.  Stop by one of our local AAA Travel branch locations to pick up your very own TripTik today.  Call us at 1-800-444-8691 to schedule an appointment to discuss the advantages of using the TripTik travel planner with one of our trusted AAA travel agents!


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