Eze – A French Riviera Must See

High above Nice lies a quaint village reminiscent of a warm, inviting nest.  This village, once begun as a commune and later used as a stronghold by the House of Savoy in the 1300s, today stands 1401 feet above sea level on the French Mediterranean.  While medieval roots give it its beauty, the many shops, galleries, hotels and views give it its charm.  Easily accessible by bus from the train station Eze-sur-Mer from Nice, it can be difficult to access by Taxi from Monaco as many taxis won’t pick up fares that are short drives.  Cruise ships porting in both Nice and Monaco offer day excursions that include stops in Eze but if at all possible, it is recommended to visit when you have time to spend. 


With cobblestone streets used only by pedestrians (cars must use car park below) and stone facings covered in rich, pink bougainvillea, Eze offers a sense of serenity and stillness perched so high above the sea.  There are twisting, turning streets and alleys to explore that will reveal small fountains and interesting doorways and windows.  Close to the top is the entrance to the exotic gardens which are in the ruins of a medieval castle.  This garden in the sky includes a range of cacti and other succulent plants as well as earth goddess sculptures by Jean-Phillipe Richard offers peaceful viewpoints to sit and absorb one of the most beautiful panoramas you will ever have the pleasure of viewing.  The Gardens are open year round, every day and there is fee to enter.


Those lucky enough and willing to spend top dollar, will find two exceptional hotels in Eze:  Chevre d’Or in the lower portion of the village offering 40 unique rooms and suites and the Chateau Eza further up offering 14 intimate rooms and suites.  Both offer epic views, gourmet dining and sumptuous surroundings. 


Whether traveling alone, with friends are in a group, this peaceful, gorgeous piece of France is bounty for all of your senses and is simply not to be missed even if only for a quick visit and a cocktail. 


A visit to Eze is a must do while in the French Riviera and AAA can help you plan this unforgettable vacation. Visit a nearby AAA Travel Office or give us a call at 800-444-8691 today!

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